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I have been attending Rachel's classes for nearly two years now, and am fitter, trimmer and healthier for it. Started off with one a week and am now up to three or careful it can be addictive! No matter what your fitness level, Rachel's routines can be adapted to suit; she shows the slower easier moves to match the music as well as the more frenetic ones. Most importantly of all she makes sure we all have FUN! Melanie

Zumba with Rachel makes exercising so much fun. The music and routines make you want to move and shake your stuff. I'm the fittest I've been in ages and after 2 years I've never once wanted to give up, unlike other exercise classes I've been too. Thanks Rachel you're the best :0) Sarah

Rachel's Zumba classes are fun, energetic, great music variety, well lead and funny!  I have been going to Rachel's classes for over a year and a half now and still love how she runs the classes with a professional manner but with lots of fun attitude - she makes me smile lots!   I have even managed to persuade quite a few friends and work colleagues to come along too over the years! Andrea

I would just like to say that although I have only been coming to your Zumba classes a couple of months I feel I am reaping some benefits.  Your fun and enthusiastic attitude makes the pain from the exercises all worth while.  As the saying goes "No pain - No gain".  I am trying to lose weight and with the exercise I am slowly but surely getting there. Linda

A great chance to forget about your size or your age.....we all join in and ENJOY ! I only go to one class a week and was delighted to find that it really has had an effect - clothes are loose and so are my hips!! Sue Co

Ditch your antidepressants. Choose Zumba with Rachel Miller. Rachel makes me sweat like an ox but gives me the figure of an athlete Rachel is such a joy. Each Zumba class is presented with tremendous energy, enthusiasm and vigour. Rachel is a wonderful Zumba instructor. Her classes have enriched my life with positivity, fun, fitness and laughter. When I started I thought I needed an ambulance to take me home but in no time I was in peak physical condition: Body and mind fulfilled. Angela

Zumba has become my new fitness addiction. Rachel is an inspiring instructor and makes classes fun, like its not even a workout! I've burnt 800 calories in an hour class & had great fun doing it! If you want to tone, get fit & generally develop some good coordination this class is just what you need :) Gemma

I enjoy Zumba very much, Rachel is a great teacher and excellent dancer, also a great place to meet new people,  don't think you are too old as I thought I may have been when the class started. If you have never been to a class before give Rachel a try. Maureen

Brilliant class and excellent instructor. Exercise has never been this much fun. Jacqui

"I started zumba with Rachel in March of this year having become a member of the 50+ tick box on all those application forms. I have found the dance routines fun, easy to pick up and a really friendly atmosphere, Rachel is a great teacher although I have heard better singing!! and I feel fitter and have such a good feeling after each class I would recommend it to everyone." Sue L

Zumba classes with Rachel are great fun, you just follow the steps and dance to the music with a nice bunch of people!  I've found it's given me more energy and confidence, and I bounce around at home now when the radio is on! Sue C

I love your class.  Just wish I had as much energy as you have. I like your style better then the DVD Ideal world were promoting I can't wait to get back to you class, Sandy

Since starting Rachels zumba classes at Ryhall I have found that my fitness levels have gradually improved. The class is always good fun and Rachel caters for all levels. I have made many new friends at the class and look forward to my weekly workout! Jackie

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Highly recommended! Jane